Box of vanilla backwoods for sale in Canada

Box of vanilla backwoods for sale in Canada

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Buy a box of vanilla backwoods online in Canada at affordable prices. Backwoods is one of the most successful brands in the flavored cigar segment worldwide.
The cigars are made in the Dominican Republic, burn very slowly and promise smoking pleasure for up to 20 minutes. The rustic appearance is characteristic. Their typical look with the "frayed" end gives a "self-rolled" touch.
The filling is a blend of 100% natural tobaccos from different countries, wrapped in a 12-month-matured Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which gives the cigar a particularly smooth, pleasant taste.
The airtight packaging contains 5 pieces each and maintains the moisture and freshness of the Backwoods cigars.

The Backwoods are available in the flavors Caribe (wild rum), Authentic (aromatic flavor), Blue (vanilla flavor) and now BRAND NEW at Paperguru: Silver (coffee cream buy vanilla backwods online Canada vodka flavour).
The cigars have the German tax stamp.

Short Summary:

- Length of the cigar: approx. 115 mm
- Diameter: approx. 12 mm
- Duration of enjoyment up to 20 minutes
- 5 pieces in a fresh bag
- 8 bags per box

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